Prep-O-Mania & Leg 1

Aside from getting my bicycle stolen mid-May, the preparations for our cycling trip are going well. We had to order a new Novara Safari touring bike for myself and Ance and I have spent a considerable amount of hummin and hawwing over all the little biking and camping du-dads we’ll need to somehow cram into our pannier bags. What’s the size of our tires again? Should we go with 4 t-shirts or 5? Are we insane?

Outside of the trip planning we are also renting out our little nike shoebox of a trailer and so this past weekend worked with a friend to put up a new roof. There is plenty more little things to be done to get the house in solid quirky working order.

All-the-while, Augustine is almost three with big smiles and sometimes tantrums with pretty much absolutely no idea regarding how her life is going to change in 15 days!

Wanted to share the general route of Leg 1: Prince Rupert to Whistler, BC (1,331km)! Let us know your thoughts and good places to hit up along the way if you have any insights!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 3.27.41 PM




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