Benevolent Human Commodity Trade

 – by Dr. Swift . An Anglo-Irish essayist, political pamphleteer, poet and cleric who is the Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. He kindly decided to contribute to the AKCenozo Blog upon editorial request.
Source: Shishmaref Girls
It most undoubtably a distressful thought to contemplate that U.S. citizens of Shishmaref, Alaska face the near prospect of seeing their homes and town submerged under the natural lapping of the waves upon their shores. 
These village beggars, fathers, mothers and children, find themselves palm faced towards the oceans. Who can stop the tides from rising and falling? Who, indeed, can stop the moon from setting and the sun from rising? Certainly not these federal leechers, sucking from the tax teat, begging for $200 million from hard working Americans to build walls to protect them or relocate them.
I think we can all agree that the state these 600 souls find themselves in, along with the few thousand or more that will ultimately be consumed by Poseidon along Alaska’s coast, are the most deplorable eye sores on the American consciousness. Determining a good use for their existence after their cultural homes and real estates are submerged will unquestionably become a hallmark decision of our modern age.
After many years of contemplation and study of the matter, I purpose an economic and legislative plan to benefit all parties involved which won’t cost the American tax payer a dollar (on the contrary) and will provide adequate means of subsistence for Shishmaref survivors and others in their same plight.
It is estimated that a Canadian pimp trafficking in a person from Canada can expect to earn $4,879 and for a teenage girl in Ontario, Canada $5,989. Taking into account differences in location, personality, sex and character, while also being conservative in our projections, we might be able to assume a solid $3,500 yield per Shishmaref citizen.
That means we can expect a baseline $2,100,000 return from the sale and trafficking of Shishmaref citizens. There is, of course, the natural legal hurdles of ensuring that the business that the State of Alaska or the U.S. government conducts is fully legal and compliant with U.N and international law and regulation. That is why I propose that that the Alaskan state legislature or the U.S. Congress ratify the Benevolent Human Commodity Trade (BHCT) Act.
Under the highly regulated human commodity trade (HCT), American environmental refugees would be put up for sale in Ebay.com like auction markets. The purchaser would be required to provide adequate information about their credit and criminal history and be required to comply with 5 year governmental audits ensuring that those individuals sold are properly fed, clothed and housed.

In this way, hard earned American tax dollars would not be spent and a human tragedy averted. Shishmaref citizens would be provided the basic needs of survival and any profits made by the Alaskan state or U.S. governments can be put towards fossil fuel subsidies, tax rebates or any number of economic boosting programs.

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