Chikungunya and Latvian Alaskan Revamped

Throw back picture of beautiful Ance!

Throw back picture of beautiful Ance!

We’ve been holed up for a few days of rest in a little town outside of Acapulco called San Marcos in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Just a few days ago Ance came down with what is called chikungunya, which is something akin to dengue fever. Ance wanted me to follow that statement up immediately with: SHE IS DOING JUST FINE!

While in recovery state, I’ve taken way too many hours to take care of a number of things over here at I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.





New Latvian Alaskan Logo

When I first came up with the LatvianAlaskan logo, I was essentially poking around blindly in Illustrator back in 2010. Though, I am still essentially poking around blindly, I put a little more thought into what I wanted the logo to represent this time around.

Ance and I first met in Turkey back in 2008. That was among the first times I’d ever seen olive trees. In the old logo, I don’t even know what the tree is – it is called aimless Google searching. For me, the olive tree is a symbol of a new beginning.

Second, a big theme of all of my writing has been the greatness of the human spirit – their capacity for humor, hospitality and kindness. Throughout Ancient and contemporary Mediterranean cultures, an Olive branch has been a symbol of peace. We should all carry an olive branch in our hearts, wherever we go, to whomever we meet.

Finally, I’ve left “Latvian” on the left and “Alaskan” on the right, not only because it rolls off the tongue a bit easier, but also because since Ance and I’ve been together, we’ve imported Latvia to Alaska and Alaska into Latvia. The word placement, if thinking geographically (West to East)…..Okay, you get the point. We’ve got a new logo YEAH!

New Support Page and Latvian Alaskan Store

In other great news, we’ve got a new Latvian Alaskan Store up where you can get custom made Latvian Alaskan designed shwagg. We get a couple bucks off each shirt (we tried to keep them within the $20 range). Additionally, we’ve fixed up our Support Page with a new design and easier navigation – we hope!

We should be hitting to road tomorrow.

Best wishes to everyone!

LatvianAlaskan Family

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