Boring Stuff Sexified

Threatened Steller’s eider (Polysticta stelleri) female

Well, the citizen journalism staff and editorial board at AKCenozo have been hard at work all day to produce what would be considered an insignificant amount or work for any legitimate organization, but the contributor pool is pretty poor at the moment. You gotta roll the dice that’s been handed to you.

AKCenozo is proud to present the Sexy Suggestions section. Sexy Suggestions is an attempt to put a really exciting title to what most normal people would consider the most boring jumble of unexciting mumbo-jumbo known to man – policy and activist recommendations.

We had to down a six pack of Alaskan IPA and contemplated legalizing marijuana just to make it through the first production material.

You can find an overview of what Sexy Suggestions is all about here and get a little deeper by diving into the very first [very rough] draft proposal regarding Energy Efficiency Giveaways here.

Input and contributions of any kind are highly encouraged!

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