Our Cycling Trip

The Plan…kinda

By the end of June 2014 we’ll have sold most of everything we own, lined up and spec’ed out bicycles, vaguely contemplated route and will be on our way to bicycling out the the ferry terminal to jump on a boat to Prince Rupert (Canada) thus beginning our planned multi-year cycling trip down through Canada, the U.S. west coast and into at least Central America (Panama is the goal!). At that point, we will probably have to look at our wallets and wills – maybe keep going, maybe pick some fruit or maybe get sucked back up into the vortex known as Juneau, Alaska.

Way back in the ancient times (2008) Ance and I met in Turkey at an IDEA sponsored Citizen Journalism Institute. Even then, both of us ‘claimed’ by others, commented on how awesome it would be to go on an epic world bike trip. Live on the cheap, see the world and all them other common vagrant dreams shared with a vast array of people out there.

Well, since then, a lot of intervening things have happened. A child came screaming forth into our lives (totally random, right?), marriage, a few years in Latvia and then a big move to Alaska to save up the funds for our nurtured little dream of cycling, travel and general awesomeness.

What it means

Ance and I chat often about the mundane details of our trip (supplies, gear, where we are going to get a spare little connector that latches Augustine’s trailer to our bikes, etc) but not so much about the broader meaning of our trip. For example, Erin and Hig over at Ground Truth Trekking have tied together their love and philosophies surrounding wilderness with research and environmental advocacy. It also helps that they’re incredibly intelligent. And, insane.

Our cycling trip represents to us a chance to see the world. To explore together as a family. To make sure that when we’re old farts looking back on our lives we don’t say “I wish we would’ve done this or that.” And along the way maybe we can do at least some marginal good by promoting outdoor adventures for families, spreading our own convictions about the importance of protecting the environment and pushing forward sustainability.

In the meantime, our trusty steeds get in this week! Stay tuned for photo’s of the glorious beasts!

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