Getting Real

By Kirk Kittell

I’ve done this consistently throughout my short adult life:

1) Identify a problem

2) Bitch and moan about broken politics and policies

3) Mumble, to no one in particular, that this or that is a potential or better idea
4) Yawn, drink a beer and move on
5) Repeat

Perhaps you’re more active, compassionate and devoid of laziness – you should be commended.

When I started this little blogging adventure with AKCenozo’s first post, I noted I’m here because of my daughter’s future. Also, I see a need to bring together not only information and exposure to some of our most pressing environmental issues, but also to move beyond simple word vomit.

I want to do something that matters on a local level here in Alaska. No matter how small and forgetting for a moment that AKCenozo currently is a one man, wild eyed, unfunded, late night, unprofessional brainchild mess of a venture.

Reaching Out

Honestly, I haven’t the foggiest idea how to turn some of the most unremarkable ideas I’ve got kicking and screaming inside my head into actions. That’s why I am trying to reach out to local folks here in Juneau and throughout Alaska to kick-start or get pointed in the right direction to, well, putting it quite lamely – do something.
There are folks and organizations out there already doing great stuff in relation to local environment and climate issues. I want to hear from you. I want to connect with you. I want to spread the word. I want to participate. I want others to join in.

I want a lot of things, but fundamentally I am tired of throwing my hands in the air in frustration and not being part, at least in tiny ways, a cog in the wheel of solutions while my daughter grows older and, hopefully, wiser day by day.

Let’s try it out. 
Find out how to get involved over at the mysterious Getting Involved page. I’ll ramble at you all next time.


75# Iceballs formed in part due to the Polar Vortex’s facination with
geological metaphors for testicles or doughnut holes – science is still debating.

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