” We’re a gang of three.
On an epic cycling trip. “


Augustine Marie Kvasnikoff

Augustine M. Kvasnikoff (Born 2011) – Likes candy, suffers from varying bouts of joy and toddler insanity. Can recite at least 5 different children songs and/or rhymes. Can produce an incredible amount of nose snot. Has been noted to say outrageous things in questionable grammatical structures. Probably made out of the following components: sugar,  colored m&m coating, giggles, tears and hot dogs.




Ance and AugustineAnce Kvasnikova (Born 1988) – A Latvian that somehow got stuck with an Alaskan. Adventurous socialite, reckless driver, awesome mom and anti-worrier. At one period in her life, she could drink you under the table. Great cook with side interests in indoor rock climbing, hiking and being sweeter than pie. She can talk for extended periods of time without taking a breath at approximately 10,000 words per minute.




1278926_530089027001_2146868779_oForest Kvasnikoff (Born 1985) – An Alaskan lucky enough to have landed a Latvian woman. Drinks too much beer and is the negative Nancy of the operation. Wastes a lot of time reading news and ranting in dark corners about things he has little control over. Haphazard IT technician of the family and the bad parenting cop.